Come together in kindness and love to reconnect and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Let yourself go as you sink into 3.5hrs of pure bliss and deep soulful rest – it truly is the antidote to stress we all need, especially now.

Through ritual, movement, breath, meditation and sound you’ll weave your way back into harmony with yourself and the world around you This is a beautiful opportunity for a big dose of self-love and to learn holistic ways to support your inner transformation. Whether you are seeking to reduce stress, take a break from modern-life, or simply be more kind to yourself, you are welcome to join this healing and nurturing retreat.

At my Retreats I welcome you to put yourself first. Allow me to nourish you in a beautiful space of empowerment, connection and self-care.  Take control of that endless chatter and negative thought loops as we switch off our minds and the outside world.  Believe me you need this!

Take a step back from the responsibilities of everyday life and let me take care of you.

  • On arrival you will be greeted with a beautiful sage ceremony. Feel the medicinal smoke envelop you as it clears away any negative energy and gently transport you into the present moment. Where you belong!
  • Reconnect with mother nature as we invite mama Cacao into our hearts.  Enjoy a heart-warming cacao ritual as we gather in Circle, with kindness, to drink a cup of Chocolate together and celebrate the life’s ceremony. Feel your heart space soften and open as we shift our awareness from our heads into our hearts.  Filling your cup with gratitude and love. Literally!
  • Sink into two hours of relaxation, mindful breathing, restorative yoga and healing touch as we peel back the layers of deeply held stress and tension. You’ll be completely supported throughout the whole journey allowing you to relax deeper and more fully than you ever have before. Ahhh!
  • Reset and refuel with a delicious afternoon tea before your mind and body are tuned into more relaxation and calm as you rediscover self-love through guided mediation and a 30min healing sound bath. Relax as the magical sounds of ancient instruments wash over you, massaging every cell and intercellular space in your body, clearing negative energy, and raising your vibration. You will love it!
  • Our day together will conclude with essential oils and tapping on energy centres to gently transition your mind and body back into the world and back into your day.

You’ll float out the door – renewed, feeling empowered with the skills and knowledge of how to self-regulate and soothe your mind and body in times of stress, so that you can better cope with life’s challenges.

You are welcome, on your own, with your friends, as a mother, mother of a mother or sister, transgender, or non-binary, if you identify with being a woman and want to explore this further you belong here.

You can choose to live in a way that promotes healing, wellbeing, and flourishing, so what are you waiting for. Secure your place today.

Exchange: only $98 What a gift!

  • VENUE – Inner Peace Yoga Thomas Drive Chevron Island
  • DATE – Sat 12th March 2022 TIME 12.30 – 4pm
  • WHAT TO BRING – A confirmation email or text will be sent with instructions.
  • NOTE: I like to keep the retreats small and personal, so places are limited.

I would love to share this time of rest with you.

For Bookings and enquires please txt or call me on 0451971283
Limited spaces available as I like to keep the group small for individual care.

I’m also available for private or small groups retreats with your friends, family or colleagues.
Please share this healing with those that need some extra self-care, nurturing and love.

Wishing you Wellness

Sara xx

Suitable for everyone.
No yoga experience needed.