MindTuner – Mumma’s Kit

Don’t Miss one minute of this precious time not being present. Connecting with yourself and your baby is so important during your pregnancy. Finding a place of stillness for a few moments each day can help you find peace and bond with your baby”.

  • Beautifully Designed in Australia by a Woman – I get you. (Patent Pending)
  • Highest Quality – Both the Pendant and Chain are crafted from strong and durable 316L hypoallergenic stainless steel – made to last.
  • Perfect Length – Pendant measures 55mm (2.165 inch) Chain measures 60cm (24 inch)
  • Handcrafted Keepsake box made from sustainable mango wood by local artisans in Southern India
  • Reusable Eco Cotton Pouch
  • Rose Quartz Intention Crystal
  • Personal Mantra Card
  • Donation on your behalf to one tree planted
  • FREE Mindfulness Muma kit – see below
  • Money Back Happiness Guarantee
  • Free Shipping when you spend over $100



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Reasons Parents Choose MindTuner for Muma’s

Pregnancy is one of the most sacred and anticipated moments of life.

It’s a time of celebration and rejoicing but it can also be a time of anxiousness and stress.

Birthing your baby can be physically and mentally challenging. It’s one of the hardest challenges, personally I have experienced.

But what if I told you I had an all-natural tool to help you have a CALMER labour and transition into Parenthood, you’d want to hear about it, right?

I’m Sara and my Mission is to empower you to have a CALM pregnancy and birth and CALM transition into your new role as a MUMA!!

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before: A healthy diet, regular exercise and a stress-free life is the key to a healthy and happy pregnancy. Sounds like a great plan and it is, but the problem is sometimes even the best laid plans can turn to chaos. Your Hectic Muma to do lists, work, home, relationships, intense hormones and fears over giving birth can cause feelings of overwhelming stress and anxiety.

Don’t fear – you have everything you need within you – Your SuperPower!
As you will soon discover breathing is your Superpower and the MindTuner is the #1 Breathing and Meditation tool that helps you Harness it.

As a mother of two beautiful kids and a Pre and Post Natal Yoga specialist, my goal is to empower new mamas with the tools and confidence to approach birth and parenthood from a place of CALM rather than overwhelm.

It’s a noisy, busy world out there, finding a place of CALM can be difficult. It’s no surprise we find ourselves feeling disconnected to loved ones, stressed, over-reactive and irritable.

Connecting with yourself and your baby is so important during pregnancy. Finding a place of stillness for a few moments each day to Pause, Breath, Smile and refocus is a life saver. Using your MindTuner for Just 5 minutes a day can have a huge impact on your wellbeing and your babies. (I recommend at least twice a day).

The benefits of Mindful Breathing with your MindTuner

Mindful breathing with your MindTuner helps reduce heart rate, anxiety, and pain perception. Slowing your exhale through your MindTuner switches on your rest and digest system as opposed to your fight or flight system, helping to keep you CALM and relaxed. It also provides a focus for your mind, keeping you anchored in the present moment rather than reeling out of control in fear and pain.

Mindful breathing is especially useful during labour as it’s the one coping strategy that can’t be taken away from you even if you’re stuck in bed attached to monitors or other devises.
Mindful breathing is an important technique that helps you stay relaxed and on top of your contractions. Slow mindful breathing through your MindTuner has helped many of my students manage the pain of contractions and now it can help you.

Your own natural Pharmacy

MindTuner combined with Mindful breathing are the dynamic duo when it come to producing some awesome natural chemicals to help you birth your baby.

Oxytocin aka the love drug

If your pregnant, you’ve experienced this one before. Oxytocin, the love drug. So, called for the way it makes you feel during love making, hello orgasm!

It also contributes to the stimulation and ripening of the cervix, required for dilation during labour.

Oxytocin levels rise at the onset of labour, causing regular contractions. It’s these contractions that become stronger and more frequent, that eventually result in your baby being born. This wonder drug then makes us feel close to our babies and draws us to bond with them.

Oxytocin also helps you in your emotional, as well as your physical, transition to motherhood.

From the first weeks of pregnancy, oxytocin helps us to be more emotionally open and more receptive to social contact and support. Oxytocin encourages us to “forget ourselves”, either through altruism — service to others — or through feelings of love.

Beta-endorphins (natural pain killer)

Claimed to be as powerful as pethidine, this one’s a beauty.
Beta-endorphins help to relieve pain and contribute to the ‘out of body’ feelings some women experience when they labour without drugs. These hormones also prime a woman’s body for the bonding between herself and baby post-birth.

Adrenalin (fight or flight hormone)

Adrenalin is the ‘fight or flight’ hormone. This hormone is great if you’re a cat having kittens and your being chased by a dog as it will stall your labour until a safe place is found to birth. But adrenalin production during human labour is not what we want for a comfortable, swift labour.

Although needed at the end of labour – for the big push – for the first stage of labour, adrenalin is NO good as it contributes to labour being long and painful.

So, how do we keep adrenalin ‘at bay’, until it’s needed? You guessed it Breath Control and your best Wing woman is MindTuner.

MindTuner helps you extend your exhale. Your inhale will occur involuntarily, but you might need a reminder to release it slowly as there’s a tendency to breathe in, clench and fight the contraction. MindTuner helps you to slowly release your breath, switching on your rest and digest phase.

Hannah Amore
Hannah Amore
00:42 21 Jan 22
Had a beautiful and relaxing retreat with Sara!
Jennifer Ransome
Jennifer Ransome
01:35 20 Jan 22
Had a genuinely lovely experience with Sara's 3.5 hour yoga retreat last weekend. Relaxing, friendly and easy to achieve techniques. Would highly recommend for everyone including beginners. Thankyou for the day 😍
MindTuner Unlock Calm
MindTuner Unlock Calm
10:01 19 Jan 22
Vanessa Gilbert
Vanessa Gilbert
12:02 10 Dec 21
This breathing pendant is the best by far. I've used all the other products and I'm so happy I came across this one especially since it's Australian designed and owned. It's super high quality better than the ones from the USA and way better price.But best of all it helps me through my anxiety and panic attacks. It's always with me whenever I need a quick reset it's there!
Keira Kulupach
Keira Kulupach
08:05 02 Dec 21
The Mindtuner has really been a great tool to bring me back to my breath and remind me to slow down and reconnect with myself..
Lindy A
Lindy A
19:52 21 Nov 21
Bettina Mills
Bettina Mills
19:51 21 Nov 21
Together with my loved ones we experienced a nurturing afternoon of self care attending Sara’s mini restorative yoga retreat. I was feeling trapped in a whirlwind of life’s busyness - after this treatment I felt much calmer and that night had a long uninterrupted nights sleep. A truly beneficial practice. 💚
Sunny-Jane Lawson
Sunny-Jane Lawson
11:57 22 Sep 21
Pam Hawkins
Pam Hawkins
22:47 11 Sep 21
Hi I am 83 years old and since I was about 32 I have suffered with anxiety caused by stress which of course can be of many things happening in your life. At first and for many years I was advised to see psychologists counsellors etc but to me not much help. I battled it with the help from two wonderful friends who would talk to me at any time day or night so what I am getting at is we all need a backup as I no longer have my wonderful friends it is the mindtuner that I use when I need to calm down and it works for me so give it's go and with luck it will help you. I wish you peace and happiness 🌺
Ashley Sheedy
Ashley Sheedy
23:05 07 Sep 21
MindTuner is my reminder to pause and breathe. It has helped ease my stress at work and has helped me in my journey with self-growth and development. Love it, can't leave the house without it.

Your MindTuner comes beautifully packaged ready for gift giving!

All MindTuner’s for Muma’s will come with a FREE Mindful Muma’s Wellness Kit

  • E-book jam packed full of Mindfulness tips for busy Muma’s. (pdf)
  • Self Care Guide because, no one deserves it more than you! (Pdf)
  • Positive Affirmations for an empowered Pregnancy and Birth. (Pdf)
  • Guided Meditations to keep you CALM and CENTERED. (Mp4)
  • BONUS E-Book – Mindfulness a Beginners guide. (Pdf)

Rose Quartz the stone of LOVE. A gentle healer, this beautiful pink crystal resonates strongly with the vibrations of your pregnancy. Unconditional love pulses from within this stone. Hold on your belly while pregnant to help bond and connect with your beautiful baby. After pregnancy, it’s perfect for helping you heal and relax.

Rest Assured, I’ve got you covered with our trusted 100% Happiness Guarantee and free shipping (when you spend over $100) within Australia and discounted International shipping.

All this value for only $89


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