Find your calm place with the soothing vibrations of your singing bowl | reduce stress and anxiety!

  • Beautiful sounding Singing Bowl
  • 10cm wide, 5cm high
  • Comes with wooden striker
  • “Om” (also known as Aum) is a slow, vibrational chant that represents the all-encompassing sound made at the moment all creation came into existence.  It is said that before Om there was nothing, simply an empty void.



Find Calm and Reduce Stress!

Modern science now reveals the many health benefits of singing bowls.  The resonance of these hand crafted bowls can dramatically reduce stress and anxiety, improve our immune system, lower heart rate and blood pressure and  soothe pain.

Based on different studies conducted on the health benefits of singing bowls, it has been found that Tibetan singing bowls can improve:-

  • Anxiety – research shows that singing bowl therapy results in the reduction of stress and anxiety and an overall improvement in mood.
  • Energy – the sound frequencies bring your cells into alignment which brings higher energy levels.
  • Blood pressure – many studies reveal that using singing bowls reduces blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Relaxation – studies show many emotional benefits including improved ability to relax, feel less frustration, improved patience and a better ability to communicate with others.
  • Depression – Singing bowl therapy is proven to uplift your mood and calm your nervous system which can therefore reduce the symptoms of depression.

Today, the Sound Healing Network, who also believe in the many health benefits of singing bowls, say modern medicine increasingly recognises sound healing as a therapeutic field. “Because we are vibrational beings, healing occurs through the effect of appropriate application of intentional sound,” reports the Network. “Sound healers use voice, musical instruments, and modern technology to affect change in our well being.”

Healing through sound was not just used by the Tibetans, but also goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptians who used sistras in highly resonant temples to make use of the same ultrasound frequencies doctors use today to shrink tumours and break up kidney stones.

The Aborigines here in Australia use didgeridoos to help heal many different illnesses as well as muscle tears and broken bones.

Why does sound healing work so profoundly, you may be asking.  Great question!

You’ve no doubt heard that our bodies are made up mostly of water.  Well sound has been found to have a profound effect on water, which many studies have shown.  Dr Masaru Emoto being arguably the most well known leader of research in this area.

Further research into the effect of sound on water has revealed the each organ of our body vibrates at certain frequencies.  Furthermore, each cell of our body emits sound.  A healthy cell vibrates at a different frequency to an “unhealthy” cell.  Cellular ion channels are used as a means of communication between the cells of our body, so when a cell is damaged or unwell, these channels are no longer functioning properly.

Through the use of sound, we can open these channels up again bring the cells back to their normal, healthy frequency.

If you haven’t experienced the health benefits of singing bowls yet, I highly recommend this relaxing and beneficial form of therapy.   Why not incorporate your own singing bowl into your daily routine, and take advantage of it’s powerful healing benefits for yourself and your loved ones, in the comfort of your own home.

Some of my favourite ways to utilise the healing and health benefits of singing bowls:


Sit the bowl directly on sternum or resting on a cushion. Get comfortable and breathe, relax. Strike the bowl with wooden mallet and feel the vibrations ring through. Focus on the sound and notice the different notes being produced by your bowl. Notice the sound increase and decreased in volume and with your breath. This technique is a nice way to set the tone in a room or any sacred space.

Massage a friend or lovers’ back:

Place the bowl on your friends back close to where the shoulder are with the rim of the bowl facing towards you (keep your hand inside the bowl and press against the bottom to hold it in place). Make sure your hand supporting the bowl does not touch the rim or this will dampen any sound/vibrations that you produce. Next rub the singing bowl around the outside of the rim with your wooden mallet and let ring. Your friend/lover will feel the vibrations on their back and get a gentle massage. You can also move the bowl up and down their back to spread the vibration.


There are many ways to incorporate singing bowls into your meditation practice. Most of it involves focusing on the sounds that the bowl makes. A good example is what was described in the first technique.

The Om symbol is written in sanskrit, and is the most sacred syllable and mantra in Hinduism. Each visual element represents different states of consciousness:

  • Unconscious State: The top curl of the ‘3’ shape denotes deep sleep, where we subconsciously desire nothing and do not dream
  • Waking State: Represented by the large curve at the base of the ‘3’ shape, this state signifies conscious experience through the five senses
  • Dreaming State: The middle curve that juts out between the Waking and Unconscious states, where all dreams are experienced
  • Maya State: The semi circle at the top represents illusion, an obstacle to spiritual development and the highest state of consciousness
  • Absolute State: Represented by the dot at the top, the highest realm of consciousness looks neither outward or inward – the ultimate state of spiritual bliss.

As Om is regarded as the original sound of consciousness and creation, by chanting its sound, we are physically tuning in to the universe, and creating a spiritual connection to the existence of all things.

In addition to its spiritual meanings, chanting the Om mantra can have positive physical effects on our body too.  Commonly used during meditation, the rhythmic vibrations of Om aid meditative practice by slowing down the nervous system and soothing the mind. And when our mind is relaxed our blood pressure decreases, not only improving our heart health but helping to balance and unify our mind, body and spirit.