• Designed in Australia, Handcrafted in India.
  • Made from high quality Sterling Silver 925
  • Engraved with the inspirational word “PEACE”. To remind you to take moments to Pause, Breathe, Smile and Reset. To find your own inner Peace!
  • Comes with complementary intention crystal, Personal Mantra Card and access to Mindfulness ebook
  • Comes beautifully presented in a gorgeous eco-friendly, sustainable cotton pouch.
  • Jewellery that changes the world a little. “Be the calm you wish to see in the World”.




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Premium Sterling Silver, Handmade “I AM CALM” anti anxiety Ring


I AM CALM Meditation rings help you reverse the effects of stress and anxiety.  The physical act of spinning the ring helps to calm your mind and body. Designed in Australia and hand crafted in solid sterling silver (925) and solid brass these beautiful rings can be worn every day as pieces with true meaning and purpose to help you when you need it most. Spin or fidget with the bands whenever you feel stressed, to aid in meditation or just as a lovely habit to maintain a state of calm and serenity.

Both beautiful and functional – Jewellery that changes the world a little.

Spinning the bands on your Meditation Ring, even for a few minutes, can help restore a sense of calmness & inner peace.

Calming or anti anxiety rings can provide a discrete outlet for nervous energy, or a convenient tool to improve focus. The outer silver or brass band spins freely around the inner sterling silver band. The spinning bands on these rings have a particularly smooth and CALMING action. These rings can be used to relieve nervous energy, settle a restless mind and help you focus and reset.. Simply spinning the band on your ring, while taking some slow, GENTLE breaths, can discretely restore a sense of calmness, no matter where you are. For even greater benefit, you might like to set intentions or think about things your grateful for while spinning your ring.

Calming rings aren’t just for adults – they can also help children focus, and calm anxious or negative thoughts.  

Spinning the band on their ring can help them to focus and release extra energy while helping them self soothe and calm down.

Our rings are available in a variety of sizes. If you choose the wrong size, we are happy to accept returns and exchanges (postage costs excluded). Comes attractively presented in a beautiful eco friendly gift bag with a mini clear quartz crystal and personal mantra card.


Take a breath, spin your ring and connect to yourself, the universe and those around you…all the while, remembering to live in the moment.

Packaged in a beautiful eco friendly hand made cotton pouch with a free mini clear quartz intention crystal and personal mantra card.  You also get free access to an e-book filled with tips and tricks so you can easily bring Mindfulness into your daily life,


There are no reviews yet.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.